When alpacas need to get sheared, it's a four-day event. We head inside the barn to see how it happens.
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Monday, May 9, 2022
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I have a lot of opinions about Disney movies, some I’ve only just discovered thanks to recent viewings (again and again and again) with my toddler. Take Sleeping Beauty, for example. You have three fairies, two of whom are over the moon to take an infant princess from her family. One is not, but she goes along with it for the greater good. Now, 16 years later, we learn that one fairy has never cooked before (that’s why she wants to make an elaborate birthday cake) and another has never sewn before. So who has been maintaining the household all this time without magic? That’s right. Merryweather, the poor fairy who wasn’t really on board with the idea to begin with. Some girls just can’t catch a break.β€”Grace Kennedy, reporter

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A reluctant alpaca gets a haircut at Catherine Simpson’s Langley farm, one of 100 who got a trim during a four-day shearing event. β€’ 📸 Joti Grewal
100 alpacas get a haircut

Once a year, a Langley farm is transformed into a barber shop for alpacas.

Spring signals the start of shearing season at Kensington Prairie Farm, where staff embark on a four-day labour-intensive task to trim the coats of 100 alpacas.

It’s no easy chore. Not all the alpacas are happy about getting a haircut. But they are happy when it’s all over and they’re six-pounds lighter. Catherine Simpson is an expert now at managing those furry animals. She, alongside her husband, founded the farm 25 years ago.

Today, Joti writes about the annual shearing event, the history of the farm, and what exactly happens to the fleece once the alpacas finish their haircuts.

The Fraser Valley is brimming with niche jobs in the agricultural industry. Watch for Grace’s story in a future edition about hoof trimming, and why it's so important for herds in the valley.

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Need to Know
β›° A rockslide on Hope Mountain doesn’t appear to be a threat to the town, but officials are keeping an eye on it just in case [Hope Standard]

👶 Midwives and mothers say they are concerned about the decreasing number of midwives in Abbotsford, calling the situation a β€˜tragedy’ [Global News]

🚓 A man wielding an axe was arrested after he showed up at a Mission elementary school at the end of the school day Friday [Mission City Record]

βš– The trial for a Hope man known as the β€˜Dr. Frankenstein of guns’ began last week; he is facing charges after allegedly importing and selling gun parts [Chilliwack Progress]

🍃 What could have been Langley ’s fourth pot shop was blocked by a tie vote in council, after councillors said they wanted to let the public have a say [Langley Advance Times]

🏫 Mission’s one-room school house is being torn down this month, and the property it sits on being sold to pay for future school district projects [Mission City Record]

☺ TODAY’S SMILE: Take a trip down memory lane to see what Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and the rest of the Fraser Valley looked like in 1950 from one of the region’s Interurban rail cars [YouTube]

Three schools will be getting new accessible playgrounds in the Fraser Valley. β€’ 📸 WPixz/Shutterstock
The Agenda
Three Fraser Valley schools will get new accessible playgrounds through BC’s playground equipment program. There will be construction on new or replacement playgrounds at Promontory Heights Community Elementary in Chilliwack, Mountain Elementary in Abbotsford, and Coghlan Fundamental Elementary in Langley. The playgrounds will cost nearly $500,000 with money coming from a $5 million funding announcement for playgrounds at 30 schools across BC.

After being damaged by flooding in November, Abbotsford’s animal health centre is finally reopened for the testing of diseases. BC’s Animal Health Centre and Plant Health Laboratory is still officially under repair, but the province has been able to repair and replace enough equipment in the foreign animal disease laboratory to begin testing again. The tests look for diseases like the avian flu, which is currently making its way across North America but which has not yet been detected in the Fraser Valley. (The Current reported on that spreading disease in mid-April.) Before the lab reopened in mid-April, concerned farmers had to send samples out of province to be tested for avian flu. Now, BC farmers, vets, and medical professionals will be able to receive results faster, and hopefully stop the spread of the infectious virus among local bird populations. Other diagnostic services, along with some post-mortem services, are expected to start up again in the coming weeks. Post-mortem examinations will be limited to poultry and tissues only to start, as repairs are still needed for the equipment used for livestock and other animals. Tyler wrote about the Animal Health Centre’s work in 2016.
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🥽 The District of Kent is raising money for its new indoor pool with a Party in the Park this Saturday. The party goes from 3pm to midnight at Centennial Park and includes face painting, a dunk tank, bungee jumping, live music, and a movie. Tickets are available in advance and at the door.

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