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Capital Regional District
We were honoured by an unexpected source this week: the Grumpy Taxpayer$ of Greater Victoria. The watchdog group recognized us for our municipal council coverage with a media award at its annual general meeting on Monday.

Those council roundups, you may have noticed, have changed recently. We’re now doing them every day of the week, in order to make sure we can be on top of council matters more consistently. Is there something interesting happening in your local council? Let us know! And if you’re wondering what happened in Saanich this week, see that below.

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A beautiful black sheep at Perry Bay Sheep Farm. Photo: Zoë Ducklow / The Westshore


Predators an increasing problem for sheep farmers, but not their biggest challenge

John Buchanan remembers watching a thick black bear stretched to its full height reaching into an apple tree for its lunch—with a flock of docile, unafraid sheep crowded around the tree waiting for leftovers.

That was in the early 90s. Sheep-bear relations are less beatific now.

In a video captured by a security camera, a lamb is seen frantically running at a gate, but the gate doesn’t budge. A black bear jogs into frame, cornering the sheep between the fence and the gate. It wastes no time going for the lamb’s neck. The video is silent except for the first fence rattle, hooves on crisp leaves, and then the sound of rustling as the bear bites down.

It was the third sheep Monique Anstee lost to a bear this year.

Capital Bulletin

🚨A driver struck a cyclist in Saanich on Tuesday, according to CHEK News. The driver was issued a $167 violation ticket for failing to yield at the Trans-Canada Highway and Tillicum Road.

🚧The Kennedy Hill section of Highway 4 between Tofino and Port Alberni will reopen to two-way traffic early in the new year, the province says. The $54-million project has been ongoing for more than three years and is now 90% complete.

Saanich working on consistency in developer fees

Saanich is asking how much it should charge developers who ask for more density in their projects. So-called community amenity contributions are used to fund projects in the municipality like parks or pools—but currently they’re negotiated one project at a time, adding uncertainty and confusion to the development process.

The process of formalizing the rates, ongoing since 2021, just reached another milestone, with council accepting a report on the feedback so far.

Mayor Dean Murdock says the policy change is about creating some predictability for developers.

“The policy will allow us to have a more consistent approach,” he said.

Luke Mari of Aryze Developments walked away from that consultation; he says the fees are inequitable, particularly because they don’t apply to single-family homes, only to increases in density.

“The tool is being pitched as something that it’s not,” he said. “I have nothing against fees associated with public infrastructure; do it through the channels in the legislation.”

The contributions are not currently earmarked for specific uses, like a road upgrade or a sewer repair. They’re available to the municipality to do with what it pleases. Murdock said that would change with the new policy, and it would be “very clear” what the money is to be used for.

Calling it “a tax on future residents,” Mari says the people who end up really paying the fees are the buyers of new homes. “Let’s see how many times we can hit a developer with a stick and see how much money falls out, without any consideration of downstream effects,” he said.

Murdock sympathizes. “I understand where that impression comes from, especially when it’s done on a case-by-case basis,” he said. That, he explained, is why a more consistent policy is needed.

The policy, currently returning to the community for more consultation, is expected to take shape next year.

By Jimmy Thomson

Photo: Flickr


Where to watch the FIFA World Cup in Victoria

With the Canadian men’s team in the World Cup mix for the first time since 1986, it’s a good time to get into soccer—if you weren’t already. But, the 10-hour time difference between Victoria and Qatar makes watching the FIFA World Cup a bit more challenging.

Luckily, some of Victoria’s sports bars are planning on opening early, particularly for Canada’s World Cup matches.

Check out the best spots to catch the Cup at Tasting Victoria

Capital Regional District

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In Other News

🏛️ Royal BC Museum continues its board shuffle
Former UVic institute director Leslie Brown has been elected to the chair of Royal BC Museum’s board of directors. As of now, just six members are sitting on the 11-person board. During last year's turbulence at the museum, former BC finance minister Carole James was appointed to the board by the provinced until July 2023, but she's no longer listed as a member on the museum’s website.

🏫 Vic High re-opening date delayed another 3 months
SD61 has announced that due to supply chain delays and labour shortages, the school will reopen in January 2024 instead of September 2023. The century-old building is currently undergoing expansion and seismic upgrades.

🚽 Making public washrooms safer
The Safer Bathrooms Toolkit, a guide released by UVic, helps organizations and businesses make changes to their washrooms that could save a life in the event of an overdose. [The Tyee]

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In Case You Missed It

😷 Eby addresses dropping of COVID self-isolation requirement: Last week, BC removed its requirement for anyone testing positive for COVID to self-isolate. The province did not make a special announcement of the change. Speaking with reporters on Tuesday, Premier David Eby said the advice to stay home hadn’t changed, and insisted the order’s removal hadn’t been done quietly.

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✍️ New premier, new public safety policies: David Eby rang in his leadership with a series of measures focused on enforcement and intervention for repeat violent offenders. Read Capital Daily’s coverage here.

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