Norrish Creek water treatment plant was significant affected by landslides during November's storms last year.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Good Morning Reader!
When my sister and I were kids, we wanted to get our mom a Disney cruise for her birthday. We had the brochure. We poured over each page for weeks and weeks. We also knew it would be a cruise for her alone, since we figured we would only have enough money to get one ticket. It was going to be the best birthday present ever. It, obviously, did not happen. We did not have enough money for even one ticket. The joy of being an adult is being able to get my mom nice things for her birthday. The curse is knowing how little my mother would have wanted to go on that Disney cruise, even if there was enough money to make it happen. β€”Grace Kennedy, reporter

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The Norrish Creek water treatment plant sits in the mountains north of Mission and Abbotsford. β€’ 📸 Tyler Olsen; Bing Maps
November landslides knocked out two cities’ main water source

Last November’s landslides knocked out Mission and Abbotsford’s main drinking water source for nearly two months, with officials saying that only the timing of the disaster kept the two communities’ taps running.

The event slipped under the radar at the time, but it has left Abbotsford officials concerned about the ability of the water supply to survive a future disaster. The slide, and the potential consequences of a future one at a different time of year, led the city to include a request for $77 million in funding for an improved water supply in its post-disaster recovery pleas to senior levels of government.

Today, Tyler writes about Abbotsford and Mission’s water worries, and where the two communities hope to get more of their water in the future.

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Need to Know
🌲 Ottawa doesn't have a blueprint to get victims of climate change back to normal, but the feds say they will implement a new strategy by 2030 that will have a one-year turnaround for disaster recovery [Globe and Mail]

🎒 Abbotsford is on the search for up to 200 "missing" students who are no longer part of the public school system after COVID changes [Abbotsford News]

🚓 Langley RCMP are asking for help to identify suspects in three shoplifting cases and one road rage incident [Langley RCMP]

βš” Chilliwack's military museum is missing up to 30 bayonets and an airsoft Tommy gun after a weekend break-in [Chilliwack Progress]

🌿 After four years of discussion, Hope council has finally given the green light to potential pot shops in the community [Hope Standard]

☺ TODAY’S SMILE: In 1994, local television producer Leslie Anderson was described as Chilliwack's Steven Spielberg for her efforts to create the youth TV series "Kids Alive" [Chilliwack Progress] / Do you have a smile to share tomorrow? Email us.

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The McKee Neighbourhood Plan suggests how the McKee Peak area of Sumas Mountain will be developed over the coming decades. β€’ 📸 City of Abbotsford
The Agenda
Abbotsford is sketching out the future of its hillsides on the western side of Sumas Mountain as part of its McKee Neighbourhood Plan. The plan lays out where new housing developments can be built on the mountain in the years to come. The city’s 2016 Official Community Plan envisions some 15,000 people living in such new neighbourhoods. You can view the draft plan, provide your thoughts, and see the locations and times of three open houses to be held this week, here. The city will also hold three open houses this week (details are also in that link). In future editions, we will have more on the plans for the mountain and the conflicting views of how the valley’s precious mountains are developed or preserved.

Three old, portable skate ramps that have been moved from park to park over the years will now find a final home at Kwiyeqel Secondary School. The school, which was formerly known as CHANCE school and located on Prest Road, offers a skateboarding program to students as a physical education elective. Teacher Bryce Orr had asked the city about the nearly 24-year-old skate ramps, as they had been in storage since the Rosedale Skate Park was completed. The city will give the ramps to the school, and they will be set up in the covered play area so the skateboard course can take place in all weather.
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Around Town
🐉 A bi-weekly Dungeon and Dragons campaign is kicking off this Wednesday at Abbotsford’s Boardwalk Cafe and Games. Players of all experience levels are welcome, but must be 16 or older.

✏ Correction: yesterday’s Around Town section incorrectly said the Bradner May Day parade would be taking place on May 20. It is actually happening May 28.

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