How government rules, and our economy, help shape how we manage forests.
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Monday, March 28, 2022
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Forestry companies are obligated to reduce competition to lucrative conifer species. They sometimes use aerial spraying to do so. โ€ข 📸 Menno Schaefer/Shutterstock
The system behind the spray

A forest is a complicated place.

After last yearโ€™s devastating wildfires, there is more attention on how BC manages its tree lots. A recent advertisement about planned herbicide spraying in Fraser Valley forests has drawn even more scrutiny to annual work done to manage working forests. (You can read a story about that here.)

Herbicides are used to create highly productive stands that can support BCโ€™s timber industry. But nothing about BCโ€™s forests are that simpleโ€”including the reasons operators seek to kill โ€œcompetitiveโ€ species in the first place.

Tyler spoke to Thomas Martinโ€”who has worked in BCโ€™s forestry sector for a decade in a number of roles, including as a logger, firefighter, and wildfire prevention specialistโ€”about spraying and the complex challenge of creating economically and environmentally sustainable forests.

From Friday: Backups & bypasses: what happens if a flood hits a Fraser Valley sewage plant?
Need to Know
🎤 Mission teenager Eshan Sobti will be performing for American Idolโ€™s judges after a successful initial audition [CBC] / You can see a home recording of his song here [Instagram]

🚨 A man was killed Friday night at a Langley hotel, and police are investigating [CTV[

👉 A long-time Langley volunteer has died at age 81 [Langley Advance Times]

👍 A Chilliwack boy has spent the last week giving away his books to other kids [Chilliwack Progress]


Thursday is the day we will select the winner for our birthday giveaway from the Fraser River Lodge Luxury Wilderness Resort. If youโ€™re subscribed to the newsletter, you are already entered to win an overnight stay, dinner for two, breakfast for two, and axe throwing or archery. All the details are here. Please invite your friends and family to sign up for the newsletterโ€”if they win, they may invite you to the lodge! You can find details on the prize package here.

Meanwhile, our panel is now sold out (if you can โ€œsellโ€ out a free event. Thank you to everyone who has registered. We will post the recording within a couple days of the event, and likely also write a story about what we heard from our fantastic panelists.
Although most developable land in the Silverdale area would be set aside for houses (yellow), a little more than half of all individual housing units in the area would be townhomes. (A link to a larger version of the map is below.) โ€ข 📸 City of Mission
The Agenda
Mission has firmed up plans for its central Silverdale neighbourhood, a development area that, when built out, could be home to more than 20,000 people just to the west of the current Mission townsite. The land use plan will lay out what type of buildings are created where in the sprawling area north of Highway 7. A little more than half the land will be cleared. Of the land slated for building, about half will be devoted to single-family homes. Townhouses will occupy much of the rest, with plots also laid out for apartments, commercial developments, and schools. Despite the space they take up, single-family houses will only account for around 18% of all housing units. About half of all units will be in townhomes, with the remainder apartment and mixed-use spaces. The plan also includes a network of trails. Council gave its approval to the third-stage of planning. The final stageโ€”the full planโ€”is still to come. Council was told the taxes from the development will pay for the city work to complete it. You can see the map here.

Current reporter Grace Kennedy has been nominated for a Ma Murray Award for a feature series she wrote while editor of the Agassiz-Harrison Observer. Grace was nominated in the feature series category for her look into allegations that palm fats used by dairy farmers were causing butter to be harder than normal. The stories (you can find links here) were published last spring, just before she joined The Current. Adam Louis, who took over for Grace, was also nominated for his story on Hope chainsaw carver Pete Ryan. And Chilliwack Progress photojournalist Jenna Hauck was nominated twice for her photos.
Today's Partner
University of the Fraser Valley
UFV celebrates Holi Hai
UFV students got into the festive mood Friday in Abbotsford, celebrating Holi Hai by covering each other in vibrant coloured powders and dancing. Holi Hai, also known as the Festival of Spring, is an ancient Hindu festival celebrating spring and colour.

Keep up to date on the latest stories from UFV, here.

COVID latest
The number of COVID cases continues to decline, albeit more slowly than earlier this month. In the Fraser Valley, the highest rates of positive tests recently have been in the City of Langley, Willoughby, North Mission, and North Chilliwack.

Fraser Health
  • New cases: 45 (Friday) / 44 average (down 19% from previous week)
  • 1 active outbreak at hospitals / No active outbreaks in long-term care
  • Test positivity: 3.9% (level from last week)
  • New cases: 218 Friday /ย ย 218 average (down 5% from previous week)
  • 260 hospitalizations (down 10%) / 50 in ICU (up 9%)
  • 2 new deaths / 17 last 7 days / 2,983 total
Around Town
🍪 The Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shoppe is celebrating its 23rd anniversary on March 29. Free cookies will be offered at the store-wide sale.

The Langley Animal Protection Society is hosting a free microchipping event on April 2 to help pet owners reunite with their furry friends should they ever go missing. Email for more information and to register.

🎻 Bienvenue and welcome back to Festival du Bois, live in Coquitlamโ€™s Mackin Park, Apr. 1-3. Come for amazing music, family entertainment, cuisine traditionnelle, and more!*
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