More hospital property, a new home for primary care, better equipment, all coming up soon.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2022
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Can we all give a big round of applause to Nora? Last week, I asked for help to find my favourite allergy medication commercial, which had (to my knowledge) disappeared from the Internet. We received a lot of emails, and a few suggestions of which commercial it might be. But Nora was the one who figured it out. So thank you! For everyone who was eagerly awaiting the conclusion to this mystery, here it is in all its glory: It's just allergies. β€”Grace Kennedy, reporter

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A lot next to Abbotsford Regional Hospital has been purchased by Fraser Health for $14 million. β€’ 📸 Tyler Olsen; Bing Maps
Second wave of hospital improvements won’t come cheap

Fraser Health has plunked down $14 million to buy a large property next to Abbotsford Regional Hospital. Meanwhile, after missing out on the bulk of the health authority’s capital spending last year, Chilliwack’s hospital is in line for a suite of upgrades, while a primary care clinic is getting a new location nearby.

The moves are part of another wave of improvements in local hospitals. But they come amid a warning from Mission’s mayor that the current funding system may be broken, with Fraser Health spending first and asking local politicians to pay their share of the projects only afterwards.

This week, Victoria Lee, the health authority’s chief executive officer, will speak to local politicians about the plans.

Today, Tyler reports on major health care projects that have yet to be formally announced, why property taxes will go to funding some, but not all, of the new work, and why Mission’s mayor says one step of the process is "broken."

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Need to Know
⚠ More than half of commercial vehicles inspected during a one-day blitz in Abbotsford were taken off the road, including a truck carrying a 12,000-pound excavator [Abbotsford News]

βš– Chilliwack’s David Lee Roth impersonator will be facing a retrial for his sexual assault case [Chilliwack Progress]

🚦 A dedicated left-turn signal could be a major change-maker in Hope [Hope Standard]

🗳 Chilliwack Mayor Ken Popove will be running for re-election this fall [Chilliwack Progress]

😷 COVID: 40% of British Columbians have had COVID-19 as of March, up from only 10% in October of last year; at least two-thirds of children have been infected [CBC]

☺TODAY’S SMILE: 75 years ago, Abbotsford school children protested against eight-cent candy bars [The Reach]; Have something good for this spot? Reply to this email with your suggestion.

Together With TELUS
Next-generation 5G capabilities can supercharge Canadian healthcare
The right wireless policies can transform the adoption of life-saving medical technologies, and create better access to healthcare for all Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

The government is about to make a critical decision on spectrum policy that will set the direction on wireless connectivity for decades to come. This is our chance to get 5G policies right and maximize innovation to improve healthcare outcomes.

Add your support today!

Three more road condition cameras are coming to Mission to help with winter traffic. β€’ 📸 Benoit Daoust/Shutterstock
The Agenda
The City of Mission will spend $50,000 to purchase three video cameras to be placed along Wren, Sedar and Stave Lake streets. The cameras will help to inform residents and staff of road and traffic conditions, particularly during winter. The city already has cameras in rural areas, and staff say the new ones will help residents plan their routes before leaving home. The city will also consider spending money on designing new sidewalks (on Hurd Street, Cherry Avenue, and Silverdale Avenue), along with potential installation of a speed management project at a site still to be determined.

More than $1.7 million of funding has been approved for the Yorkson Lowlands Stormwater Management and Ecological Restoration project in the Township of Langley. The money is a combined contribution from all levels of government to improve stormwater infrastructure. The work will include relocating creeks and the creation of a new pond on Township-owned land just north of 96 Avenue off of 208 Street in Walnut Grove. It will also include construction of a series of stormwater management wetlands, removal of existing stormwater infrastructure, and the installation of an access trail. Township council had approved submission of a grant application to the federal government in January 2020. The recipients of the funds were announced this month.
Today's Partner:
University of the Fraser Valley
University of the Fraser Valley students take on civic challenges
UFV students presented their work on April 12 at Abbotsford City Hall as part of a joint HUBBUB project showcase event between CityStudio Abbotsford and Chilliwack. Students met with community partners, and participated in conversations regarding community building, urban planning, and social innovation.

Learn more about experiential learning at UFV.

Around Town
🩰 Chilliwack Lions Club Music and Dance Festival takes place at 7pm this Saturday at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre. Tickets online.

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