Plus: Survey gives Greater Victoria's environmental sustainability a B-
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Just in the first half of November, we’ve had Tori Marlan’s deep dive into the murky waters of the Victoria Police Department, Ryan Hook’s foray into the life of a lighthouse keeper (illustrated beautifully with photos by James MacDonald), and Jolene Rudisuela’s heartbreaking story of a group of seniors being left out in the cold as their cottages undergo redevelopment.

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Locals love the environment, but there's still lots of room for improvement

Photo: James MacDonald / Capital Daily

With its stunning beaches, lush forests, and abundant parks, Greater Victoria is known for its natural environment. In fact, in the latest Vital Signs report, 69% of respondents said the natural environment is the best thing about living in Victoria. Climate and parks were ranked as second and third.

But in terms of environmental sustainability and keeping these natural areas pristine, the region still has more work to do, according to the report.

The Vital Signs report is released annually by the Victoria Foundation, as a way to check in on how the region is doing in key areas, as well as identify trends.

This year, environmental sustainability received a grade of B-.

Read the full story by Capital Daily’s Jolene Rudisuela

Voter turnout fell in most of Greater Victoria this year. Readers who did not vote tell us why.

A Victoria polling station on election day. Photo: Shannon Waters / Capital Daily

Voting is a right and a duty for many people: some cast their ballots enthusiastically, while others view a trip to the polls as a semi-annual chore. But every election, thousands of eligible voters in Greater Victoria don't participate in the democratic process.

Voter participation tends to be highest at the federal level (about 75% across Canada in the past two federal elections), but municipal elections draw far fewer voters:

  • Last BC municipal election (2018): 35.6% turnout
  • Recent BC municipal election (2022): 29.2% turnout

In Greater Victoria, six municipalities saw voter turnout above 30% while seven had participation levels below the provincial benchmark.

We asked you, our readers, to tell us if you didn't vote this year and share why not.
Here's what Cap Daily readers said.

By Shannon Waters

Central Saanich launches term with creation of new standing committees

Central Saanich residents have high hopes for their new mayor and council who, fittingly, walked into council chambers at last week’s inaugural council meeting to Panic! at the Disco’s High Hopes.

In his inaugural address, acclaimed Mayor Ryan Windsor spoke about some of his priorities for the upcoming term, including improving the district's active transportation network and road safety, and working on its Climate Leadership Plan. He pointed to the oil-to-heat pump program as a successful part of the plan that the district implemented last term.

“We will soon begin to build on recent work and determine today’s community priorities,” he said. “We will do so through collaboration and good debate in the coming months. I look forward to the opportunity to do this work with council, staff, and the community.”

In the last minutes of the meeting, council agreed on the appointments to various boards and committees, and the creation of three new standing committees: the environment, healthy communities, and age friendly standing committees.

Central Saanich had its first regular council meeting last night and we’ll update you on that later this week. In the meantime, here’s our breakdown of what happened at the final October meetings for each of the peninsula councils.

By Jolene Rudisuela

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In Other News

👩‍⚕️ Doctors start voting on new family doctor pay structure
Doctors of BC members have until Dec. 4 to vote on a new Physician Master Agreement with the province that includes an option for family physicians choose a new pay scheme that takes into account overhead costs, the amount of time they spend with each patient, the number of patients attached to their practice, and the medical complexity of each patient. Read more about the new model in Capital Daily’s coverage of the announcement earlier this month.

🚔 Men charged in 2019 Metchosin murder plead not guilty
Zachary Armitage and James Lee Busch are accused in the killing of 60-year-old Martin Payne during the two days they escaped from William Head Institution. While the pair are being tried together, Justice David Crossin told the jury that their verdict should be determined separately for both men. Read the Canadian Press’ recap of the first day of the trial.

In 2020, Capital Daily reporter Tori Marlan spent months investigating the correctional system failures that allowed Busch and Armitage to escape. Read the full in-depth story here.


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🪨 John Horgan nears retirement: After decades in politics, Premier John Horgan has acquired a rock polisher in preparation for the extra free time he is about to have after Friday: the day David Eby is being officially sworn. In this profile, the Times Colonist details the life and career of the soon-to-be ex-premier.

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