A Highway 1 junction tops the list, but a Mission intersection isn't far behind
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Most of our readers are located in the Fraser Valley. But every now and then I get questions about why our "Fraser Valley" doesn’t extend past Mission or Langley. The answer is simple: we can only cover so large of an area and had to draw the line somewhere. So it's there for for logistical reasons (and also for a couple geographical ones that I’ll explain on another day). But that said, we do actually have sister publications to our west: in New Westminster and Burnaby (where a former colleague of mine from Abbotsford is one of the reporters), and now in the Tri-Cities, where a new food-based publication has launched. If you frequent any of those areas, check them out!

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Highway 1’s 264 Street junction has more collisions than any other intersection in the region.Β  📸 Tyler Olsen

The valley’s most crash-prone roads

The latest ICBC crash data confirms what commuters likely already suspected: Highway 1 in Langley is the worst intersection in the valley for collisions. It also confirmed what commuters likely didn’t expect: the second-highest crash site was in Mission.

In 2021, Highway 1 at 264 Street recorded the most number of crashes of any location in the Fraser Valley, according to ICBC statistics.

That location also holds the overall title for worst collision site in the region. In the last five years, more than 1,000 crashes have been recorded on that stretch of roadβ€”greater than any other area in the valley.

Need to know

🔎 An Abbotsford man has been missing for a month and police are asking for the public’s help [Global]

🚔 An Abbotsford man was fatally stabbed Thursday night; another man was arrested [Abbotsford Police/Facebook]

👉 The Nagar Kirtan procession takes place in West Abbotsford on Monday; see the map to view the procession or prepare for road closures here [City of Abbotsford]

🗳Β Β Taryn Dixon is seeking re-election for FVRD’s Area H (Cultus Lake) [Chilliwack Progress]

🗳 Abbotsford school trustee Shirley Wilson is running for re-election [Abbotsford News]

💰 The cost of a Mission detention pond has nearly doubled and is now nearing $2 million [Mission Record]

🔎 Police are asking for help to locate a 41-year-old man who has not been seen in a month and is known to frequent Abbotsford and Langley [RCMP]

🏥 A doctor who botched a surgery in Langley has lost an appeal of a court case that found her negligent [Langley Advance Times]

🔥 A Chilliwack woman is thankful for the unknown man who woke her up when her home caught fire [Chilliwack Progress]

🗳 Two candidates who became friends while running against one another jointly announced their run for Langley Township council together [Langley Advance Times]

A new development in northeast Abbotsford has been green-lighted by council.Β  🗺 Tyler Olsen/Bing maps


Another large new development in eastern Abbotsford has received the go-ahead. Council approved a plan to build two apartment buildings and a large townhouse complex in the city’s Sandy Hill neighbourhood. The Old Clayburn Road project would have 156 apartment units, and 162 townhomes. One of the apartments would also feature commercial space on its ground floor.

The development is slated for six hectares of land that have been farmed in the past, but which are now surrounded by single-family homes. The project would see the creation of a small local park and a new sidewalk along Old Clayburn Road. The local elementary and middle schools are over capacity, but the school district has told the city that enrolment is declining.

The developer said the project will increase affordability and act as a "hub" for the community. But one resident told council that the area lacks both walkable amenities and regular transit, meaning residents will be dependent on cars. "When you’re talking about affordability, it’s not just building houses," Sophie Kerrigan said. "What is in proximity to those areas?" Residents also expressed concern about drainage issues.

Council unanimously approved the project (Mayor Henry Braun and Coun. Brenda Falk were absent). Coun. Ross Siemens acknowledged "growing pains" caused by growth in the area and said the city was working to address them.

New seniors programs are coming to Langley and Abbotsford. In Abbotsford, a cultural sports and activities exchange geared towards seniors will be created. In Langley, a skill- and story-sharing program is in the works. The provincial government has given Langley and Abbotsford $15,000 each to support the projects. The two communities are the only ones in the Fraser Valley to receive funding from the Age-friendly Communities Grant Program. Thirty-five other BC communities also received funding.

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COVID latest

COVID hospital admissions continue to hold steady across the province. We have tweaked our regular chart to reflect the lack of accuracy in newly released hospitalization figures. [BCCDC COVID data]

New weekly cases reported (Aug. 20-27): Fraser Health 229 / BC 651
New hospital admissions (Aug. 20-27): Fraser Health 57 / BC 160
COVID patients in ICU: Fraser Health 13 / BC 25
New deaths of people with COVID: Fraser Health 8 / BC 33


Around town


🎈 Hope Brigade Days returns, running from Friday to Sunday next week. Check out the parade, amusement park rides, big-rig show and shine, demolition derby and logger sports. Schedule online.

🤡 The American Clown Circus is at Sevenoaks Shopping Centre in Abbotsford beginning next week. Tickets online.


👉 The stΙ‘lΜ“Ι™wΜ“ Arts and Cultural Society will hold its first annual pow-wow Sept. 16 to 18 at the Langley Events Centre. The pow wow will include drumming, dancing, Indigenous art, and more. Tickets now available online.

🍽️ Restaurants, craft beer, wine, and spirit makers around Abbotsford will be featuring new menu items throughout the Taste of Abby festival. Keep it local with fresh ingredients sourced right in Abbotsford. Get your tickets!*

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Time comes for the Cooper Farm

Our story on the development of Kathy Cooper’s Abbotsford farm.

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