And, bylaw charges laid in fatal dog attack
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Salvador Hernandez

After two long weeks of event-filled days, people are running out of ideas to plan, so mark this one in the calendar. The Calgary Folk Musical Festival is making its way to Prince's Island Park this weekend, which means another few days filled with musical fun for everybody! With great performers including Basia Bulat, The Hello Darlins, K’naan, and more, the weekend is sure to be a great celebration of the folk community and all lovers of music. Today through Sunday, you can enjoy all your favourite folk artists while jamming out with some friends in the sun. And with an all-site liquor license, you can bring your drink right to your favourite performances. Make sure to bring a card for payment though, because this year's Folk Fest is cashless.

β€” Emma Boyne, Intern

In today's edition
🫶 These Calgary workshops aim to boost girls' confidence
βš–οΈ Bylaw charges have been laid after a fatal dog attack
🌬️ 21 wind farms are in the works for Alberta this year

Forecast: Hot and sunny so have the sunscreen ready! β˜€οΈ High 28℃

Photo of two young reporters standing side by side smiling.
Taylor Hui created the BeaYOUtiful Foundation in hopes of inspiring the younger generation. 📷 Submitted
Confidence building BeaYOUtiful workshops in Calgary aim to empower girls


Taylor Hui is passionate about helping young girls discover their self-worth and grow their confidence. Hui is the founder and director of the BeaYOUtiful Foundationβ€”a charity based out of BC that she started as a passion project when she was a senior in high school. What was supposed to be a one-time pilot program quickly grew into something more.

Hui saw the need for young girls to have a safe space to learn about positive body image, know their self-worth, and what it feels like to embody confidence. Hui fell in love with the environment she had built for girls to be themselves, connect with inspiring female mentors, and have a space to be vulnerable.

The BeaYOUtiful Foundation provides confidence building and mental wellness programs for young girls between the ages of eight to 14, single-day workshops, and a large-scale conference called Inspired by HERβ€”all offered for free. A four-week confidence program is underway in Calgary, and enrolment is open for four pop-up workshops taking place on Aug. 25, 26, and 27.

Read the full story here

In other news
βš–οΈ Charges laid against owners of dogs who fatally attacked Calgary senior: Betty Williams, 86, died after the attack on June 5. Three dogs were seized and a decision on whether to euthanize them is forthcoming. The dog owners face 12 charges under the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw and criminal charges are also possible. (CTV)

🚔 Investigation into officer-involved shooting in Coventry Hills continues: The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team is investigating after a man was shot by police Sunday night. The man reportedly ran toward officers and suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds. ASIRT says the man may have knocked on other doors prior to the incident and ask any witnesses to come forward.

🪧 Westjet employees vote in favour of possible strike action: More than 700 customer service employees and baggage handlers in Calgary and Vancouver may hit the picket lines if a deal isn’t reached by July 24. The union and airline have been negotiating since October, with the main sticking points being salary and scope of work. (Herald)

🏒 Johnny Gaudreau pens heartfelt thank you letter to Flames fans: In a letter published on the Players Tribune, the star forward explains his choice to leave Calgary and sign with the Columbus Blue Jackets. He says it was a difficult decision that came down to finding a balance between his family and career. Gaudreau expressed his love and gratitude for the city and fans.

COVID Updates
Calgary Updates
  • In Hospital: 228 ICU: 9 Total: 240,276
  • Total Deaths: 1,316
Alberta Updates
  • In Hospital: 559 ICU: 23 Total: 592,767
  • New Deaths: 20 Total: 4,652
Vaccinations Updates
  • Partial (1 shot): 90.6%, Full (2 shots): 87.2%
Calgary Roundup

Fire & Flora is now open in The District at Beltline. The refined plant-based restaurant features a living mushroom wall and a clay fired oven that both meat-eaters and plant-eaters are sure to enjoy.

Indigenous Storytelling on The Rise takes place Friday evening on St. Patrick’s Island. Learn about Indigenous culture while listening to stories, singing, and drumming.

Rally in the Rockies is heading to Alberta from July 22 to 24. Join in on this fun-filled weekend of all things Harley-Davidson and rider culture!

Check out the work of some local students who made incredible Minecraft designs for the Calgary Library. The future is bright!

Pooches can now enjoy dog-friendly ice cream from Boops n’ Scoops on the Ship & Anchor Pub’s east patio.

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This year, 23 new wind farms are planned, 21 of which will be located in the Alberta region. 📷 Submitted
Jeff Chernish // Sarens country manager for Canada
Wind projects becoming more and more common

Sarens, a world leader in engineered lifting and heavy transportation, has recently reaffirmed its commitment to developing wind energy fields across Canada, including right here in Alberta. Canada is currently the seventh largest country in terms of the number of wind farms, with approximately 2.6 per cent of all turbines installed worldwide. There are currently 317 projects, with the addition of those due to start construction before the end of the year. According to the Canadian Renewable Association, the projects generate approximately 14,304 MW, enough to supply clean energy to more than 3.4 million homes across Canada. This is a significant increase from 13,627 MW in 2020. In total, there has been an increase in production on the grid of 677 MW. Alberta has contributed more than half of this increase, with 358 MW. Jeff Chernish, Sarens country manager for Canada, says there will be further growth in wind power this year.

Tell us more about the southern Alberta wind projects, including the Whitla Wind Project?

Alberta is one of Canada's most important regions for wind energy generation. Projects such as Whitla Wind reflect the region's growing importance in renewable energy production. In the case of Whitla, it is the largest wind farm in size and generating capacity in the entire Alberta region, as it can generate enough energy on its own to power 70,000 homes per year. Located in the County of Forty Mile, the farm has 96 3.6 MW turbines, each 105 metres tall and with a blade rotor diameter of 136 metres. This wind farm has been developed in three different phases, from the start of preliminary works in 2017 to its full commissioning in December 2021. This is not the only project in the Alberta area where Sarens will play a key role. At the end of 2021, our company announced an ambitious investment plan in the country, dedicating $2.5 million to renew our infrastructure. Just a few months ago, another $5.5 million was added to improve our fleet.

What are the benefits of using wind-generated projects?

Projects based on wind energy generation bring a multitude of advantages and benefits to the communities in which they are installed. It is important to remember that wind energy is renewable, inexhaustible energy in which production does not generate any type of waste or pollution. At the same time, it contributes to reducing the use of fossil fuels in the areas where it is used. Beyond this, there is an important economic factor that directly benefits the areas in which the wind farms are developed. Hundreds of jobs are generated both for their installation and for their periodic maintenance, which, in turn, provides an important boost to the local economy.

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