And, the timeline for the return of fluoride into our water
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This time of year has been one of my favourites since I have become an auntie. Did you know that if you have multiple nieces and nephews, to shorten it you can call them your niblings? I love to take my niblings out and show them what my sibling and I grew up doing when we were young. Sledding was one of my favourite things to do as a young girl and so I can’t wait to take them to the biggest hills I can find. There are so many great hills for sledding in and around the city and I want to go to every last one of them. If you plan on heading to the hills this winter, bring a thermos!

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In today's edition
❤️ Sending the message to Calgarians that fear is not love
🚰 It will be a while before fluoride is re-introduced to the city's water
📚 Meet a local author couple who are up for a major award

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The Calgary Women's Shelter recently underwent a rebrand and is now known as FearIsNotLove. 📷 Submitted
How the rebranded Calgary Women’s Shelter is combating the demand for domestic abuse services


FearIsNotLove, formerly known as the Calgary Women’s Shelter, has made big changes to combat the increasing demand for domestic violence and abuse help in the city.

CEO Kim Ruse spoke with Calgary Citizen to discuss how the change was necessary to expand upon the services offered. The Calgary Women's Shelter moniker was no longer reflective of the number of services that have been added over the past few years, Ruse says

Read the full story here

In other news

🚰 Fluoride is expected to be put back in Calgary’s water supply by the summer of 2024. New equipment needs to be installed at the city's water treatment plants. (CTV)

🤒 Alberta’s new top doctor expects a severe respiratory virus season as the province has already seen an early rise in influenza and COVID cases.

⛰️ There are plans for another nordic spa west of Calgary. It will be built as part of the redevelopment on the north side of Canmore. (CBC)

🕵️ Premier Danielle Smith has directed the deputy ministers of justice and public safety to review the findings of a police commission review into Ward 4 Coun. Sean Chu. (Global)

Vermilion Hill
Fun alert! This weekend is the Grand Opening event in SW Calgary’s Vermilion Hill

The event will be taking place at the new showhomes on Saturday, Nov. 19 from 1–5pm. For event attendees, there will be horse-drawn carriage rides between the showhome parades, and the first 50 groups will receive a cozy blanket. There are also fuzzy mittens for those that attend after the blankets are gone. There will be warm beverages at both showhome parade areas to keep visitors warm. The builder showhomes will also have snacks, prizes, Today Radio, and activities for the kids!

To find out more about the community, homes, pricing, and the grand opening event on Saturday, Nov. 19, visit and register at

Citizen's Picks

Calgary roundup

Want to be transported to a warmer climate? Us too. Con Mi Taco will get you as close as possible without having to buy a plane ticket with its new mushroom and hibiscus al pastor taco.

Local metal band Red Cain has released a new single, "Fisher King", along with a music video that takes place in the Wheel of Time fantasy series. Check it out here.

Calgary’s Innovation Week kicks off Monday and the annual celebration shines a spotlight on the city’s tech sector. With robots, drones, augmented reality, and more, there are many local companies doing big things.

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Husband and wife author duo, J.J., left, and A.J. Cook, have been announced as finalists in the 2022 Canadian Book Club Awards for the second book in their trilogy.  📷 Submitted
J.J. Cook and A.J. Cook // Authors 
Calgary husband and wife author duo announced as finalists for the 2022 Canadian Book Club Awards

It was a hot summer night in Canmore after an annual rafting trip that husband and wife author duo A.J. and J.J. Cook met at the Drake Hotel. AJ stood out in the crowd sporting an abandoned boa and crown discarded by a stagette bride-to-be. The pair danced the night away and they have been inseparable ever since, even writing a trilogy together. The duo are finalists in the 2022 Canadian Book Club Awards for the second book in their trilogy,  Percivious Origins. The Percivious trilogy hits close to home with its oddly similar dystopian world but gives hope to readers about our current world. The couple's third and final book of the trilogy, Percivious Escape, is now available.  We spoke with J.J. and A.J. Cook about the trilogy.

What’s it like writing together as a couple?

If a fairytale can be charged with heated debates and passionate exchanges, then we are "living the dream." These debates, which we affectionately now call "doozies" thanks to their increased frequency during the writing of book two, Percivious Origins, have often led us to develop a new plotline or uncover an unforeseen twist. I (JJ Cook) had a revelation while writing Percivious Origins. You think you know someone, especially your partner, only to be surprised. Agreeing to write sci-fi, which would not have been the path I would have set out on had I been writing on my own, seemed exciting. AJ, a huge sci-fi fan, ensures that the science was solid, enhancing believability so that the characters and the story stay front and centre.

What is your trilogy about?

A pandemic of insomnia has taken hold in Percivious Insomnia and it is up to the superstar researcher of a big pharma company to figure out why his new wonder drug has run into a snag. In the second installment, Percivious Origins, readers travel 280 million years back in time to discover a secret behind the insomnia pandemic revealed in book one. The final installment, Percivious Escape, brings the fragile existence of two species and their civilizations crashing together under the ticking time bomb of this deadly pandemic. The trilogy is a timely portrait of today’s globalized society.

How does it feel to be a finalist for these awards?

It is truly an honour to be a finalist. To be recognized by readers across the country for something that we have created together is both humbling and incredibly encouraging considering we have just started our journey down this path. We wish the very best of luck to all the talented finalists this year. If we have delivered what the Canadian Book Club Awards are looking for—what readers want, a damn good book— then we are over the moon.


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